Organize your agenda, improve your work

Keeping an agenda organized is one of the most important tasks, but at the same time the most difficult to do, especially if you are not a fan of order and rigor.

Maybe you have promised yourself several times, with all the best intentions, to keep your agenda in order, perhaps the new one, just bought that made you fall in love at first sight or simply, you need to tidy up and help your mind to extricate itself from a thousand commitments.

An agenda can be personal, shared, work, for home management and collect various information such as thoughts, notes, reminders, appointments and much more.

In particular today we want to talk to you about how to organize the work one, which among post-its, business cards, memos and sheets, tends to lose its organizational function and becomes a binder.

How to organize the work agenda

The work diary is definitely the most delicate to organize because it must take into account multiple factors such as: personal commitments, commitments of colleagues and collaborators, information on customers and / or deadlines. It can therefore be an inexhaustible source of information or simply a big mess.

We want to give you some tricks to improve its management and discover its potential to make it your best ally. We assure you that it also helps against procrastination!

  1. Choose the right agenda for you.
    Print, app or online, it doesn’t matter. Choose a diary that is practical to take with you, where you find it easy to write and search for the information you need. You can use Google Calendar,, a paper diary you have been eyeing, or you can use mayapp which offers a calendar with multiple views, shares and much more. Maybe even both!
  2. Set a goal, create a daily routine.
    Now that you’ve selected the agenda that’s right for you, it’s time to give yourself a goal that over time will have to turn into a daily routine. Which? Take the time each day to update, consult and adjust your agenda. What could be the best time? The evening before leaving the office or for those who are clients or work from other places, before closing the pc. Taking a few minutes to its accommodation, allows you to arrive in the morning with clear ideas and have a forecast for the day.
  3. Always carry it with you.
    Paper or digital, it is not important, but it is essential to always have it with you to be able to add notes and / or information necessary for our day, week or month at any time. It must therefore be always reachable (in the case of digital) or at hand (in the case of paper).
  4. Be precise.
    We know you tend to write appointments and notes quickly in your diary, but try to make an effort to bring in as much detail as possible. The details will help you to organize yourself better at each meeting (if you have an appointment with a client for example, you will be proactive and interested if you remember and bring out the points discussed in the last meeting or phone call), to set up the your day and work and decrease related stress levels.
  5. Use colors.
    Colors play an important role in everyday life, even if you don’t pay attention. According to psychology, there are colors that activate certain signals in our mind and arouse different emotions and reactions. An example? Red causes an increase in heart rate and blood pressure, pushing us to dynamism, but also to attention. This is why red is chosen as the color of urgency, something to be done or planned immediately, in the case of our agenda. We recommend that you choose colors to match your appointments and notes to provide you at a glance the degree of urgency, importance or sector in which a particular note falls.

The latest plus? The more you will be able to follow these tips, the more you will have the chance to make time for yourself. This will give you the opportunity to be more productive, but also the right times to regenerate mind and body. Seeing is believing!