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Customer-friendly video conferences: the steps to make them efficient

The future is projected towards an increasingly rooted integration of smart working in our habits.

What will be revolutionized in particular will be the approach to the customer and the commercial, training and / or decision-making meetings. Still, thanks to technology, companies are able to expand their markets even “virtually”, but all this will become the practice that we should integrate and develop to give new opportunities to our companies.

Not always, however. It is easy to radically change habits and make the most of this opportunity, even if these changes have led many companies to re-evaluate the savings in time, money and the convenience that this new tool brings.

We help you to improve the next web meeting with your customers or potential customers with some tips to make the meeting more efficient and human.

Best practices for a winning online meeting

Organize the plan before the online meeting

Meetings and meetings become numerous, but as always, organization is the best weapon.

If you can’t prepare a detailed outline of the topics, prepare some post-its, a file or a note with the most salient points you will have to face and the necessary information on them written on it. Also remember that it is very important to define a time of development, as for meetings in person (we also talked about it here).

An example?

  • Talk about the new product
  • Remember to ask for the launch date
  • Call the supplier for distribution
  • Define the project details

Choose the tool best suited

There are numerous tools available for online conferences. For example, we have tried several to find the one that best suits our company and team. We have not only paid attention to our needs but above all to those of customers who are not always equipped and prepared for these meetings. Special attention was therefore paid to:

  • Ease of use
  • Possibility of connecting without registering and / or downloading the program
  • Clear and intuitive interface
  • Possibility of set reminders

In the end, our choice fell on Zoom, but there are tons of other possibilities like WebEx, Skype, Microsoft Teams, GoToMeeting or open source tools like 8×8.

Connect 10 minutes early

Before starting the meeting make sure everything works! Audio, video and headphones, especially if it is the first time with the agreed platform.  It would be even better to test with your team or someone to make sure everything is fine. Professionalism and punctuality are part of your possible winning cards!

How Video Conferencing Solutions Plays a Major Role in Official Business Meetings? / Habr

Use the video

It may seem like an obvious suggestion, but as you have seen firsthand, it is not everyone who loves to show themselves during video calls.
This helps, however, to find a connection with the Customer, to be on the same level (maybe you are both connected from home, with pets that make unscheduled forays, different backgrounds, etc.) and to share the situation and the moment, making everything less cold.

This allows you to further explore other aspects related to non-verbal communication:

  • Observe where the gaze the interlocutor focuses: in the room, downwards, on the screen? You can understand the level of attention, but also the familiarity or ease of this person with the meeting.
  • Understand if the client is concentrating on the meeting or is also doing other work, not only from the look but also from background noises such as the click of the keys.

Announce the meeting schedule

It doesn’t matter if it’s with your team or with a client, remember at the beginning of the meeting to define what will be the focal points you will face. Not only will they help to make all participants aware of what will be discussed, but they will allow the meeting to be conducted efficiently, clearly defining the next steps and taking the right pauses between one point and another.

Minimize the time spent on presentation

If you have to present a project, an idea or other through slides, then a presentation, try to make it short and concise, the more details important provide them as material before or after the meeting.
This is because it is always necessary to give priority to eye contact with the interlocutor in order not to lose the established connection.

Involve all participants

If the call takes place with more participants, remember during the meeting to try to involve them with questions, requests for intervention, especially when you are finalizing decisions or the next steps to be taken. This is one of the most difficult aspects to take care of and to pay attention to during a conference call.

And the connection?

One of the most difficult nodes in a meeting is the internet connection. It doesn’t always work efficiently for everyone. We thus find ourselves not knowing if the interlocutor has heard what we were saying, at what point in the speech it has arrived, how to continue and manage it.

What to do? As annoying as it may be, once the connection is reestablished, quickly resume with a list the points that were being addressed and continue the discussion.

What about you? Do you take any other precautions?