What are the things you like most about your job?

This article begins with a seemingly simple question, but perhaps not so obvious in the answer.

It is likely that among the first answers given there may be, for example, the team you work with, the strong and recognized name of the company, the relevance to the course of a study done, the proximity to home, the economic level and perceived benefits, and so on.

However, we do not always focus on a more careful and in-depth analysis and, if we do so, it is important to know how to give the right weight to the things that really matter to us and are important, to the beyond that these may in fact be socially “coveted” aspects. For example, it is certainly appreciable to have a job in a good company and also worthily paid, but this in fact may not completely compensate for other aspects related to one’s personal satisfaction , such as doing a job in an environment that fully reflects their values, passions, attitudes, skills and needs.

When you feel unfulfilled (or partially) in your work it is useful to understand how much time you really dedicate to things or situations of interest and satisfaction – those that usually “come out well” or rather that ” make us feel good ”- and as for the ones I instill, they don’t particularly gratify us. All lasting situations of little real satisfaction that do not contribute to a general balance must always be able to lead to a single question: is it worth it? And if so, for how long?

The barrier of ” I have no alternatives ” is gradually built like a cage that prevents you from opening up to the sole possibility of trying, of confronting yourself and the outside, and deepen all those areas that could be improved: not necessarily by cutting their work cleanly, but perhaps by analyzing all those aspects that could be addressed and reviewed, not necessarily alone, before they can get worse.

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Let’s take the case of Noemi, the shop manager. Noemi realizes that the part she loves most of her job, which is the direct contact with the public and the sales processes, is currently failing to be able to dedicate herself with great scrupulousness to administrative tasks. In the long run, this brings in Naomi a growing sense of stress and misalignment with her role. Not long after, Noemi realizes that the most suitable solution for her is to learn to delegate more to some members of her team or external specialized figures, and to devote herself more to what she does best, thus increasing her earnings.

Ideally, the percentage of time dedicated to what we don’t like to do (or that makes us feel unwell) should always be lower than that which instead concerns the most rewarding and satisfying aspects of our work.

What can be improved? If a real change of the workplace is not always necessary, it is much more important to learn how to evaluate in a conscious way. The activities and situations to follow and those from which to start reflecting.